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NEW: Youth Registration Requirement

With disruptions caused by COVID-19, FIRST is adapting its safety and registration processes for all participants to accommodate the expanded program experience, including the FIRST Remote Event Hub. For the 2020-2021 season, all Youth Team Members are required to have a parent/guardian complete the FIRST Consent and Release Form through the FIRST Youth Registration System. This is a requirement for participation in the FIRST season, including in-person or remote team meetings, events or competitions. We are asking all teams to support this new requirement in the following ways:

  1. We strongly encourage all teams to register all participants (youth and adults) as soon as possible. The Consent and Release Form now includes content on COVID-19 and Remote Event Hub participation; thus, it is critical to have Youth Team Members register online as soon as possible.

  2. Any participant who cannot register using the FIRST registration system will need to request a paper Consent and Release Form from their Program Delivery Partner. We highly recommend that you make limited use of paper Consent and Release Forms this year as the only approved methods we may use to collect the paper forms is either in-person collection or having the coach send the forms to us via first class mail. Scanning, uploading or emailing forms is strictly prohibited by the FIRST Data Protection Policy due to the amount of personally identifiable information of minors on the forms.

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