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Volunteers make up 99% of the FIRST® workforce. Whether you have a weekend to help, want to mentor a team, have technical or non-technical expertise, there is a volunteer role suited to your unique interest. Find information about FIRST programs, volunteer resources, opportunities, and more!

Volunteering with FIRST is an amazing opportunity for you to be energized, feel fulfilled and have FUN. The time you give will inspire every student participating in FIRST programs. One of the FIRST Core Values is Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas. Take some time this season to discover what it is like to volunteer with a different FIRST program. Each program and age-range of students has something different to offer and learn from.


Get Registered

To apply to be a volunteer, sign up or log into the FIRST Dashboard. After signing in, click "Volunteer Registration" to get started. You will be able to create an account, apply to volunteer at an event, or request to join a team as a mentor or coach. After you've applied you can go back in to check your event volunteer role assignment status and if you have any notifications of tasks that you need to complete.

Roles and Resources

FIRST Volunteer General Resources
FIRST LEGO League Explore.
FIRST LEGO League Challenge
FIRST Tech Challenge
FIRST Robotics Competition

Find Tennessee Opportunities

Events Search and Teams Search
Find Local Support


At FIRST, student safety is always a priority. Every adult must become familiar with our Youth Protection Program (YPP). Take the time to watch our videos and read our Youth Protection materials. All adult volunteers from the United States and Canada must complete background screening through our Volunteer Registration for the safety of all FIRST team members.

Coach or Mentor

As a mentor or coach of a FIRST® team, you are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the success of your team. Your contribution to the success of FIRST programs and ultimately to the success of FIRST is immeasurable.


Who are FIRST mentors and coaches? Our team members say it best. A mentor/coach:

  • Can be a person of any age, teaching others what they know 

  • Brings either technical or non-technical expertise to the team

  • Provides the opportunity for students to learn directly through experiences

Find out more about Mentoring and Coaching Roles

Coaching: FIRST LEGO League Jr. and FIRST LEGO League

Mentoring: FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition

Looking to become part of a team?

If you're considering starting a team or want to know ways that you can help teams in your area, please reach out to the Regional Contact in your area to find out how you can help.

Questions or comments? 

NEW! The FIRST Mentor Network


From finding their people to finding their path, mentors help students gain the skills and confidence to forge ahead and build their future with FIRST.  And now, more than ever, we need to empower and foster the next generation of innovators to feel hopeful and build a better future. The FIRST Mentor Network is an interactive platform allowing mentors to find FIRST teams to work with virtually or face to face, locally or across the country, for a few hours or for a season. Learn more and create your mentor profile today!

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