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Links to some very useful references, tutorials, and information.
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Coach and Team Resources

Season Specific Resources

Team Paperwork

Team Roster


Team Roster: Required at each event where the team is participating. Turned in at event check-in. The roster should include all team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event. There are two ways to produce a roster. Choose one:


1)  Team Dashboard produced roster 

Team members can register for the team via the FIRST Youth Registration System. Registered team members will then appear on the Dashboard produced roster.

There is a “quirk” where the option to apply to a FLL team for a student under the age of 9 will not be presented. In this case, the team member will need to have a signed paper version of the FIRST HQ Consent and Release form and be written in on the team roster.

Only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for a team can invite/accept team members through the FIRST Youth Registration System. The Team Admin role cannot do these functions.

On the Team Dashboard, under Team Contacts/Roster section, click “Contact Options”, choose “Print Team Roster”. On Team Contacts page, click “Print Roster”.

Any team members/coaches/mentors not listed on the Team Dashboard produced roster must be written in.

Consent and Release form requirement:​

Individuals who have a signed electronic FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form on record with FIRST HQ will have a “check” in the “Consent Form” column of the online team roster.

All other individuals, not on the roster, will need to turn in a paper FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form.

Example of a Team Dashboard produced roster.

2)  Coach produced roster

Roster Template  (excel)

Roster Template (pdf)

Download and customize for your team’s use. Include all team members/coaches/mentors who will be in attendance at the event.

A paper version of the FIRST HQ forms are required for ALL team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event.

Consent and Release Form

Required at each event where a team member, coach, or mentor is participating. 


FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form

  • Electronically signed through the individual’s FIRST Account. Team must be using the “Team Dashboard produced roster” as it indicates that the electronically signed form is on file with FIRST HQ.

  • OR a signed paper version.

WeDO Resources

Volunteer Resources

Team and Event Finder

FIRST Resources for Finding Teams and Events

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