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News and Announcements


The state Championship, Feb 17 (pits open), and Feb 18 (Competition)    We will send two teams to the Worlds in Houston this year, the leader of the winning alliance and the winner of the Inspire award.

  • We have full event with 30 teams registered

  • Dean's List nominations close Jan 15th.


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!  Consider asking parents to volunteer.


Please think about nominating one of your students for the Dean's list.  We are strongly considering Dean's list Interviews and judging at the State Championship.


Events can be found on the FIRST Event Page and our website. 


As a last reminder, I have been doing this for 4 years now, and I want to get back to mentoring.  We need people to step into the PDP role in TN.  I wanted to use this year for someone to shadow Nick and I for taking over for the 23-24 year.   We need someone to step-up!

Warm Regards,


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