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Click on links below to access some very useful references and information.

Team Paperwork

Consent and Release Form

Required at each event where a team member/coach/mentor is participating.

FIRST HQ Consent and Release

  • Electronically signed through the individual’s FIRST Account. Team must be using the “Team Dashboard produced roster” as it indicates that the electronically signed form is on file with FIRST HQ.

  • OR a signed paper version.

Team Roster

Required at each event where the team is participating. Turned in at event check-in. The roster should include all team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event. There are two ways to produce a roster. Choose one:


1)  Team Dashboard produced roster 

  • Team members can register for the team via the FIRST Youth Registration System. Registered team members will then appear on the Dashboard produced roster.​

  • Only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for a team can invite/accept team members through the FIRST Youth Registration System. The Team Admin role cannot do these functions.

  • On the Team Dashboard, under Team Contacts/Roster section, click “Contact Options”, choose “Print Team Roster”. On Team Contacts page, click “Print Roster”.

  • Any team members/coaches/mentors not listed on the Team Dashboard produced roster must be written in.

  • Consent and Release form requirement:​

    • Individuals who have a signed electronic FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form on record with FIRST HQ will have a “check” in the “Consent Form” column of the online team roster.

    • All other individuals, not on the roster, will need to turn in a paper FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form.

  • Example of a Team Dashboard produced roster.

2)  Coach produced roster

Roster Template  (excel)

  • Download and customize for your team’s use. Include all team members/coaches/mentors who will be in attendance at the event.

  • A paper version of the FIRST HQ forms are required for ALL team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event.

Helpful Links

FIRST FRC HQ Resource Links

FIRST FRC resource links are too numerous to list here.  Teams are highly encouraged to visit the FIRST HQ Resource Library for FIRST Robotics Competition.

Parts and Vendors

FRC Kit of Parts

FRC Kit of Parts:

Rookie and veteran teams can purchase the FRC Kit of Parts through the FRC Storefront accessible via the Team Dashboard.  See Run a Team page under “FRC Kit of Parts” for details.

Need More Parts?

Consult the FRC Supplier page.

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