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Impact the Next Generation of Changemakers!


Volunteering with FIRST is an amazing opportunity for you to be energized, feel fulfilled, and have FUN. You’ll be inspired when you join our community and feel the energy and excitement that our programs bring to students and adults alike.

Support a FIRST  Robotics Competition Team

Every team needs a leader but they also benefit from technical mentors such as engineers, programmers, IT, website designers, CAD operators. Non-technical mentors can help organize food, team attire, parts pick up, and travel.

Interested in working with a FIRST Robotics Competition team? Visit our Run a Team page to find out how to start a team or contact the FIRST Senior Mentor listed for your region on our contact page to learn about mentoring an existing team. 


Support a FIRST Robotics Competition Event

FIRST events are staffed entirely by volunteers. Roles include organizers, judges, referees, inspectors, photographers, pit managers, queuers, MCs and game announcers, AV experts, electricians, field crews, EMT’s and nurses. Volunteering at an event is a great way to see FIRST up close and personal.

Interested in volunteering at a FIRST Robotics Competition event? You can see step by step directions for registering to volunteer or view a list of FRC event volunteer roles.

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