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Registration will close at Midnight January 28th.

Register early, qualifiers accept teams until full on a first come basis.

Print a copy (Ctrl-P) for your files and read all steps before proceeding.


Team members and coaches must provide proof of a FIRST consent and release (electronic or paper form) before participating in any FLL event. Find details about ‘Team Paperwork’ on the Resources page of the FIT website. All teams must use the team dashboard to invite parents to electronically acknowledge and submit a FLL consent and release form online. A printed copy of the team roster from TIMS showing consent form status or paper copies of consent forms are acceptable documentation of consent and release.



Go to East Tennessee FLL Explore Festival Application page. Provide team and coach information and select the Marble City Qualifier as the primary and choose an alternate tournament closest to your team location. After submitting the event application, you will see a note confirming receipt of your application. After all the above acceptance criteria are verified, you will receive an email notification when your team has been accepted for an event. The status of a team registration can also be viewed on the Festival Roster page.


East Tennessee expo registration is handled electronically on the FIRST in Tennessee (FIT) website FLL Explore Events page. The criteria below must be met before a team can be accepted for an event: 

  • Two coaches must be registered and screened. 

  • The annual team registration must be paid. 

  • The event must be open for registration. 

  • The event must still have capacity.

The FLL Explore Events page lists all the FLL Jr events in Tennessee. Teams must register for events in the region where the team resides. FLL Jr teams can register to exhibit at any expo they choose in their own region, but they can only compete in one expo event. Currently, there are no team event registration fees required at any Tennessee-East expo.




To ensure accurate team profile data for tournament programs, visit the Festival Roster and check your team's information.  Corrections should be made in the team's FIRST dashboard.  Updating team data to the Tennessee database is not automatic and teams should notify Rachel Ellestad after any team profile data is changed at FIRST.


Note: If your team wants to attend the Cookeville Festival held at Tennessee Tech in February, there is a special “Youth On Campus” TTU consent and release required in addition to the FIRST consent forms.

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