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Event Manual


Saturday, April 10th

Monday, April 12th

Tuesday, April 13th - Thursday, April 15th

Friday, April 16th

Saturday, April 17th

12:00 PM

11:59 PM

7 PM - 9 PM

7 PM

8 AM

8:30 AM - 11 AM

11 AM - 12:30 PM

12 PM

12:30 PM - 3 PM

2:30 PM - 5 PM

5 PM - 6 PM

6 PM

Scoring submissions accepted. Submissions for Engineering Portfolio and Notebook Accepted.

Engineering Portfolio due.

Engineering Portfolio review. Discussion points captured for share with judging use in discussions.

Engineering Portfolio deliberations and ranking.

Opening Ceremony and Judges' Meeting

Judging Sessions

Initial impressions, objective ranking, and follow-up questions.

Scoring submissions closed.

Follow-up judging sessions.

Final Deliberations

Results Tally

Awards Ceremony

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