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Sending Team Paperwork for
East Tennessee FLL Explore Festivals


The criteria below must be met before a team can be attend a FLL Explore festival:

  • Two coaches must be registered with FIRST and complete the FIRST screening process.

  • All team members must have completed FIRST Release and Consent forms (On-line or On-Paper)


FIRST Consent Forms: (Due by the end of November) All team members and coaches must provide proof of a FIRST consent and release (on-line or on-paper) before participating in any official FIRST event.  Find details about ‘Team Paperwork’ on the Resources page of the FIT website.  If possible, use the team dashboard to invite parents to electronically acknowledge and submit a FIRST consent and release form on-line. Otherwise, collect a signed on-paper version of the FIRST consent form from all team members as soon as possible. A printed copy of the team roster from the Team Dashboard showing consent form status or paper copies of consent forms are acceptable documentation of consent and release.

Print two copies of all consent and release documentation.  Retain one copy and deliver it to the registration table at the expo you attend and send one copy by email to or snail-mail to:

FLL Explore Team Docs

c/o Prof. Kristine Craven
Tennessee Tech University
Clement Hall 321, P.O. Box 5002
Cookeville, Tennessee 38505


TTU Consent Forms:  (Due two weeks before the Cookeville Event) TTU's policy for minors on campus requires that all team members attending the Cookeville Expo must provide additional documentation required by Tennessee Tech.​  The parents of each team member must complete the TTU Minor Participant Information and Release

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