Sending Fees and Team Paperwork for the

Marble City Qualifier

The criteria below must be met before a team can be attend an event:

  • Two coaches must be registered with FIRST and complete the FIRST screening process.

  • All team members must have completed FIRST Release and Consent forms (On-line or On-Paper)

  • The qualifier event fee of         must be paid to the
    No additional fee is required from any team that advances to the Championship.


HVA Foundation

COMPLETE ALL TEAM PAPERWORK (Roster, Consent Forms, and Invoice)
Team members and coaches must provide proof of a FIRST consent and release (on-line or on-paper) before participating in any FLL event.  Find details about ‘Team Paperwork’ on the Resources page of the FIT website.  If possible, use the FLL team dashboard to invite parents to electronically acknowledge and submit a FIRST consent and release form online. Otherwise, collect a signed paper version of the FIRST consent form from all team members as soon as possible. On-paper consents are only required if on-line consent forms have not been completed.  A printed copy of the team roster from the team dashboard showing on-line consent status with copies of on-paper consent forms are acceptable documentation of consent and release.   Print and complete a registration invoice and mail it with the  registration fee and copies of all consent and release documentation to:

FLL Qualifier Team Documents

c/o HVA Robotics

Hardin Valley Academy

11345 Hardin Valley Road

Knoxville, TN 37932

Attn: Cary Busby


Please do not send consent forms and payments separately. Make checks or money orders payable to:

HVA Foundation

 and put your FLL Team number on the memo line.


Questions about payments and receipts can be directed to:

Cary Busby, Phone 865-243-0080 email


To ensure accurate team profile data for tournament programs, visit the Tournaments Roster and check your team's information.  Corrections should be made in the team's FIRST dashboard.  Updating team data to the Tennessee database is not automatic and teams should notify Rachel Ellestad after any team profile data is changed at FIRST.

  1. To improve team recognition with the judges, teams should download the fillable Team Information form and bring three copies of this form to their judging sessions.

  2. To help the Robot Design judges quickly and consistently learn about your robot and the design process used, all events require a short presentation called the Robot Design Executive Summary. To help the Core Values judges learn more about your team and its unique story, all events require every team prepare a simple Core Values “tri‐fold” or poster.


Teams that advance from a qualifying tournament will receive an invitation to the East Tennessee Championship held in Cookeville on 12 February 2022. There will be no lunch tickets sold in advance.  However, teams can still purchase meals at the TTU cafeteria on their own. For more information about the Tennessee East events, go to the FLL Events page, open the Tennessee-East events, and read ‘Pre-event Information’ on the appropriate event page.



(Due two weeks before the Championship)

TTU's policy for minors on campus requires that all team members attending the East Tennssee FLL Championship must provide additional documentation required by Tennessee Tech.​  The parents of each team member must complete the TTU Minor Participant Information and Release